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Diagnose your Garage Door Problems and Fix It

Sometimes you focus on fixing the problem rather than diagnosing it first. The correct and efficient way to resolve an issue is to first diagnose it right. Otherwise just fixing a problem would never guarantee an enduring solution. Many issues surprise us most of the time. we usually don’t have any idea about how and when these issues show up.

Garage door maintenance and annual repairing is a common thing. But because of the daily use of your garage, numerous issues can develop which might be hard for you to identify. That’s why contacting a suitable garage door installers in Fresno will be a great help.

But before contacting any professional company you should know some basics about how to troubleshoot a garage door. It will easy for you then to see if the contractor is giving the right advice or not. The purpose of hiring them is because there are some issues that you cant handle on your own using some DIY methods.

The main reason for doing the correct analysis is to save money and time. the sooner you identify the issue, the faster it will get fixed without wasting any resources. An accurate and precise diagnosis can control the damage and cost later on. We have filtered some finest tips for diagnosing the garage door problems and through these guidelines or tips you can fix the problem, and at the end of this, you will be able to know very well about how to troubleshoot a garage door.

 Garage door opener not working properly

Sometimes you face a very common garage door issues like, its opener is not working fine. It is something that can be fixed very easily without having any extra effort or workforce. The man cause of this problem is that the chain or drive-screw operated garage door openers have a lack of lubricant in it which reduces the friction element.

So what you need to do is to apply a substantial amount of lubricant which is silicon-based. Apply it in generous quantity to make sure that enough friction is possible and garage door opener works properly afterward. Don’t forget to wipe off the excess lubricant at the end.

Grinding noise

An annoying or grinding voice that comes from the garage door, irritates a lot. Most of the people find it hard to know about the main reason behind this. These noises arise because they need lubrication.

These noises are usually come from the squeaky section, shabby parts or form the loose hardware. Try to apply the lubrication directly to the high-pitched part. Lubrication will make the surface smoother and then it will reduce or eliminate the noise.

Gaps and cracks

If you are using a wood garage door, then seeing the cracks and gaps shouldn’t surprise you at all. This issue is very common especially if the material is wooden. But this problem can get more serious for your garage door if you neglect it.

To keep this problem from worsening further, you need to fix it. An optimal solution for this problem would be the usage of sealant or waterproof filler to seal the cracks. In this way, you can easily get rid of this problem.

Weather sealant 

If you are facing problems like water or air leakage, and you are trying to avoid the extra street noise. Then weather sealant is the ultimate solution for this problem. you can also expect these issues even if you already have a weather sealant.

This occurs because the old weather sealant is cracked or broken. So you just need to replace it with the new weather sealant. These weather sealants are readily available at your local improvement store, you can buy these easily. And its installation process is quick.

The garage door closes immediately 

Ever notice that your garage door opens just a little bit and then closes immediately? Well, not a unique problem, we can still fix it very conveniently. This occurs majorly due to the old springs found at the top. They need to be replaced with the new one.

There is one more possibility, that you have recently installed the garage door springs. In this scenario, you just need to replace the broken springs and nothing else. But it is highly recommended to replace al the springs at once, instead of replacing the broken ones only.

Garage door remote is not working

This is one of the typical mechanical issues for a garage door. Usually, because the garage door remote is broken. But don’t jump to the conclusions immediately, first check if the issue is battery-related or not.

Check if the batteries are properly inserted or not. If this isn’t the main problem then you need to manually reprogram the remote. For this contact a garage door installer professional.

Unresponsive garage door opener 

Unresponsiveness of garage door can occur whether you are using a remote, wall controller, or keyless entry operator. This issue happens due to photo-eyes fault. If you see no signs of light on the photo-eye then there must be an issue and you need to fix it.

For fixing it, locate the breaker on breaker panel, and try turning it on and off. If this doesn’t fix the issue then check the garage door opener. Check if its plugged properly or not. Also check the power supply is present or not. Then test the electrical outlet with a different device. This will help in finding out whether its working or not.

Rust formation 

Another problem that is faced by some garage door owners is the insight and damaging rust formation. If your garage door’s ability to lock out the dirt and other extra elements is reducing and compromised. Then the issue is the rust formation. It not only affects the door functionality but also give a tarnishing look to your garage door.

Its solution is very simple. Use dishwashing soap to clean the affected area, then use a cloth soaked in vinegar to rub the rust. As vinegar is a natural rust dissolver, so it will remove it and your problem will be solved.

See! These tips were so easy to troubleshoot and fix all of your garage door problems. You can also contact professionals garage door installers in Fresno. Find such garage door installers at HighFive listings, which a business listing directory site.it will help you in finding the best garage door installer services in your area.

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