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Decoration Ideas That You Can Try This Diwali 2020

Diwali is well known as India’s biggest festival that devotes the lights and good over evil. As we know that India’s people celebrate every festival with great zeal, Diwali is one of those celebrations that should be amazing as such as others. From sweets to online Diwali gifts, everything is on top of everyone’s mind. But one thing remains the same, the decoration! As the festival gives amazing vibes, Diwali also demands well-beautified decor at your place.

Beautifying your home during festive season gives you the best feeling of the festival, and thus, here we are sharing some decoration ideas you should go for this Diwali 2020. We agree that this year may be different from others because of Covid19, but many things make the festive rush remain the same as we have been celebrating throughout the years. 

Decor Your “Pooja Ghar”

Diwali is an auspicious celebration that can not be started without worshiping God. Therefore, one of the vital parts is that your Pooja Ghar should be the main decoration center. Place God’s idol at the center and place your desired flowers around. Hang the fresh floral hangings behind Pooja Ghar’s wall or use the fairy lights to brighten it up at night. This will create a positive atmosphere and give your Pooja Ghar a new look. Without Pooja Ghar decoration, the Diwali, as well as the decoration, will be meaningless and incomplete. So, this Diwali gets ready for change.

Rangoli At Entrance With A full Vase Of Water

This is one of the traditional decorations that mostly done during the festive season doesn’t matter what the celebration is. Diwali is a beautiful celebration of light that adds colorful memories into your calendar. So, at that point of the decoration, rangoli should be there. As it’s a lovely way to beautify your home, you can go for it. Take the colors and turn your talent into a rangoli artist. If you want colors, you can order them from the same website from where you order Diwali gifts online. You have to browse the right site to find out the rangoli colors. To make it more beautiful, you can place the two vases full of water at your door or gateway’s left and right corner. It looks impressive and traditional too.  

Make Your Empty Wall Alive

So, it’s a Diwali celebration right here, and we all know that this year will not be the same. Make this Diwali an excellent opportunity by doing fun-loving activities and making your home’s empathy walls alive. Pick the photo frame of your family member and hang them on the wall. This will always remind you of those memories made by all of your family members during this decorating idea. So, with changing your home into a new look, spend and create lovely memories. Such a change will surely high your festive fun and make the celebration the best one.  


Whether it’s offline or online, they are always filled with different types of lampshades during the Diwali season every year. So, if you search for home decor items, this is one of the best ideas you can go for. The bright and shiny home at night looks so beautiful. Nowadays, there are various times of lampshades coming at affordable prices that you can pick for your home. However, you can make DIY lampshades with some sterling decoration ideas, taking ideas from Youtube channels. All you need are some stationery items, and within one hour, you can make your lampshade.

Floating Candles

Another decoration idea is floating candles. Yes, this is an amazing idea to decor your house. You can get the different patterns and designs in those floating candles in a glass full of water that is sure shot way to bring the old-world charm back to life. So, ready to buy beautiful floating candles to decorate your home this year? Just do it and see the real beauty of your house. Moreover, if you are looking for Online Diwali gift delivery on your place, then there are various websites you can go for and gift your loved ones floating candles as Diwali decor gifts. 

We are glad to share these Diwali decoration ideas with you, and we trust you will surely try these mentioned above ideas this year. So be ready for Diwali and get some impressive change in your living surroundings.

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