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3 Types of Custom Pens That Can Help Your Business in Promotional Marketing

In this modern age of digital transformation, it is crucial for companies to get a reputed presence in the industry, using any of their preferred marketing means. They must need to know about the importance of having connections in the circuit, as it can help them in acquiring more and more customers daily. Having a strong market presence is one of the fundamentals of business marketing, which is indeed must for everyone.

Meanwhile, it should also be noted that every company utilizes different set of practices to market their business. Every company works with their own way to reach out to the audience, keeping in view their required targets and goals. Their marketing operations largely depends on the nature of their business and the key requirements of their clients, as it is their basic way to devise the respective reach out plans.

Many companies also take the services of third-party agencies in marketing their products/services to the customers. These agencies provide specialized marketing solutions to those companies, like working with their designated affiliate channels, doing paid marketing campaigns and much more. The only problem that persists with these agencies is that they are bit costly. These agencies usually charge for the whole quarter or a year at once, giving a bit of headache to those companies which are financially quite weak.

Such agencies are not suitable for startups and small businesses. Their high charging rates makes difficult for these businesses to work with financial freedom, providing lesser opportunities to them to set their long-term objectives. That is where these startups look up for some other alternatives. They look up for some other marketing strategies that not only stays within their budget, but also provides them same effective results as like of the big budgeted campaigns.

Therefore, in that case, promotional marketing fits best for these businesses. It is one of the smartest and most direct way to market your business, that too with staying in your budget. Using some creative gift items like custom pens (the most used product), you can pitch your business among any audience with complete ease, that too in a shortest possible time.

This article also emphasizes on the usage of custom pens in promotional marketing. It enlists the top 3 types of promotional pens that are used mostly in marketing, precisely because of their huge advantages. Let’s have a detailed look at them below.

3 Types of Promotional Pens You Could Use in Business Marketing

Here are the 3 most popular promotional pens you could easily use to market your business.

Ball Point Pens

Ball point pens are undoubtedly the most popular pens in the whole world. Their simple and sleek design gives them an edge over others, and makes their utility easier as compared to the other pens. These are the same reasons why ball point pens are also widely used in promotional marketing. They can be easily pitched into any customer segment, rightly because of their simplistic usage.

Roller Gel Pens

Roller gel pens are the next most favoured pens in promotional marketing. Their advanced water based ink formula offers much thicker color on the papers, which is what one of their main usage reasons. Similarly, this gel based ink is also pretty durable and quickly absorbs on the paper for a longer period of time, giving hand writing a much richer look.

Executive Pens

Executive pens are specially designed for the business purposes. These pens are pitched specifically among the business units, in order to project a professional image of the company. Their styling are also pretty much different from the conventional pens, as they are particularly made with the hard shining material to give a much vibrant presence to the eye.

Final Words

Coming to the end, it is pretty clear that custom pens are widely accepted among the audience in promotional marketing. Their usage in every field makes them a perfect choice for every marketer, as it allows them to professionally market their business among all types of customers. If you still want to know more about their usage in marketing, please drop your queries below in the comments section, we would like to answer some interesting questions.


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