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Compelling Custom Chocolate Bar Packaging Boxes for Boosting Sales

Compelling Custom Chocolate Bar Packaging Boxes for Boosting Sales

Want to get the chocolate lovers hooked to your new caramel and nut bars? Packaging can add a terrific touch to your offerings that will intrigue the shoppers to grab a bite out of your delectable chocolates. Boxes with product pictures and illustrations would make the onlookers stop by and get a detailed overview of the mouth melting bars you are promoting. Engrossing packaging would leave the potential buyers curious to try out the sweet treats. You can use the boxes for swaying the perception of the target audience regarding your brand and offerings. Packaging that makes an item irresistible for the buyers would land your customers. You can use it for hitting sales and branding goals.

When personalizing the boxes for chocolates, you need to consider the psychographics of potential customers. Designing packaging according to their inclinations would help you with making the chocolates widely popular. Captivating custom chocolate boxes wholesale would support you with making different kinds of bars worth liking for the chocolate addicts. Distinct packaging is likely to make you a brand with its striking individuality. You can promote the various other bars and bundled up items using the boxes especially on festivals and special occasions.

Let the packaging speak for your original and flavor loaded chocolate delicacies. Get the boxes customized by a skilled printing solutions provider to ensure it brings you fruitful results. Packaging with finesse and attractive appeal would make the chocolates tantalizing for the shoppers.

Tips below would effectively assist you with getting the boxes custom printed!

Packaging Artwork should be Pictorial

The boxes for chocolate bars ought to have design details that are enthralling and pleasing to the eyes. You can either have high-resolution images of the product printed on custom chocolate bar packaging boxes or use symbols, graphics, and color scheme that is relevant to the kind of chocolate you are selling. Most of the customers would judge your offerings by having a glance at the packaging, if they fail to make any sense out of it or find it hard to relate to the bar, they aren’t likely to make the purchase.

Boxes that sustain the Quality of Eatables

When getting the packaging for chocolates printed, ask the printer to share stock options with you. Printing material for the boxes carrying eatables should be resilient to protect from heat, moisture, shock, and dust. Whether you choose cardstock, kraft, or bux board, make sure to vet the thickness, durability, and flexibility of the selected material. Poor quality packaging would cause the bars to melt due to weather conditions especially during summers.

Get your custom boxes printed by the Packaging Republic and get design services, minimal turnaround, and quick shipping at a nominal price rate. The printer doesn’t overcharge for any of the services.

Delightful Chocolate Boxes Wholesale

Make the packaging amusing for the customers by using themes, memes, and fun quotes. You can use content variations for the boxes to make them entertaining. Use the packaging for improving the standing of your brand. For instance, you can mention your social corporate responsibility or the customer service approach you ardently practice. Have the list of ingredients, net weight, calorie count, and best before date printed on the boxes. Packaging should be simple to open with clear storage/refrigeration instructions for the consumers.

Do include protective inserts and trays within the boxes for mini chocolates. Bars can have silver foils for better handling.

Choose Colors that Set your Product Apart

Color is an essential element of the packaging design. So one needs to be judicious when picking colors for their chocolate packaging. Choosing a poor color palate can prove detrimental for your brand as it will be a big turn off for your audience. Use a unique spectrum of colors that are bright enough to lure prospective customers straight to the retail shelves. But make sure they should be pleasing to the eyes and not too overpowering.

When a potential customer enters the aisle of the retail store, your custom chocolate packaging should be more visible than the competing chocolates. Moreover, the brand name and logo of your chocolate should also be visible, so people can instantly know the name of the brand and product with just one look.

Make the Packaging Translucent

Take cues from protein bars and make your chocolate packaging translucent. Or you can simply add a window to the box and allow customers to see what they are exactly buying. If your packaging can successfully showcase the chocolate it is carrying, your brand wins the hearts of many consumers. More importantly, it will segregate your product from others in the market as most of them come with packaging that has a picture of the product on them.

Making your packaging translucent will eradicate the need to mention chocolate on the pack as it will give your customers a glimpse of the real chocolates.


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