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Secret and Beautiful Attractions of Maldives for Honeymoon

The Maldives is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. The impression of vacationing in one of the most beautiful places on earth has been fresh in my memory for a long time. The main recreational activities here are diving and exploring the underwater world of flora and fauna. In the Maldives, tourists will always find something to do: fishing, riding a catamaran, and enjoying secluded relaxation on the beach. Paradise Island offers more than just relaxing ocean walks. Tourists can explore interesting places, architecture and historical monuments in the Maldives.

Acquaintance with the Maldives

The Maldives is an atoll composed of 1,192 coral islands. Thanks to the unique climate, you can relax here almost all year round. It is worth a visit to this paradise in winter without sweltering heat. In summer, there are few tourists on the island-rainy season. From November to March, the weather here is dry. The local residents are Muslims, so tourists should pay special attention to their behavior.

The sights of Maldives are natural and cultural. There are many of them, so organizing leisure activities during your holiday will be easy.

Addu Atoll

Attractions of Maldives for Honeymoon

1. Addu Atoll

Oasis of banana palms and flowering shrubs. This is 23 islands, of which only 6 are inhabited. Gan Resort is a popular place. There are quiet fishing villages, diving facilities and an airport. There are few architectural monuments on Addu Atoll, but you can see the rich underwater world, sunken tankers and fresh lakes. One of the favorite pastimes of travelers is to take a glass bottom boat. Watch together on mobile phone or your laptop the free Web Series Download Websites.

2. Baa Atoll

It was once a safe haven for shipwreck victims. Now, it is an attractive place for tourists who like fishing, diving, and windsurfing. The atoll consists of 72 islands, of which only 13 are inhabited. There is a large nature reserve, Hanifaru Bay. As the plankton blooms from May to October, many sharks, fish and other ocean giants flock to it. The waters of Madi Finolu attract many divers who want to see rare black corals. This is a paradise for underwater photography lovers.

3. South Male

The atoll attracts tourists with its white sandy beaches and beautiful scenery. It consists of 30 islands, 3 of which are areas where local residents live, and 17 of them are for tourists-luxury hotels have been built on them. This is a good choice for fishing, secluded beaches, diving and surfing lovers.

It is located near the capital and was the first hotel opened to tourists (1972). There are approximately 30 resorts on its territory and this is the best Attractions of Maldives. Here, divers are not only attracted by the rich natural underwater world, but also by the wreckage of ships that sank at different times.

4. Dhaalu atoll

Still rarely explored, so visitors will see pristine tropical nature here. There are only two comfortable accommodations on the island. On Dhaalu, you can snorkel, dive, watch giant turtles, and travel by bike.

5. Miimu Atoll

A good place for romantic travel. There is no single description that can convey the beauty here. Of these 35 islands, only 9 are inhabited, and the infrastructure is developed on only two islands. In Miimu Atoll, you can dive, enjoy the picturesque scenery or rent a secluded house on a separate island.

6. Ari atoll

The Maldives is the largest island. There are 30 island resorts here, which are famous for high-end leisure and entertainment. You can spend time on the clean beach, take a boat trip, and dive.

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7. Laviani atoll

It is composed of more than 60 islands and most famous Attractions of Maldives . It is the most beautiful and picturesque atoll in the Maldives. Golf on Kuredu Island has been added to daily activities (diving, windsurfing). Walking along the sand mouth at sunset will stay in your memory for a long time.

8. Alifu Atoll

These are 16 islands that attract divers, yachts and fishing enthusiasts. Abundant flora and fauna provide the status of a protected area for the atoll. This is a young tourist destination, the first hotel opened in 2006.


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