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A Bali itinerary for the laid back couple…

A Bali itinerary for the laid back couple…

We are pretty sure that you have heard and read more than enough about the top 10 things to do, or the must-do adventure sports in Bali. What if you like us, aren’t looking for a packed itinerary and not interested in a checklist of things to do, but on the other hand looking to just sit back, relax and experience what the destination has to offer without straining too much. After all, it is a vacation right? So, lo and behold – a list of places and things to do on a Bali tour if you are a lazy bum and looking for a relaxing getaway. Yes, the irony was intended 😛

Rejuvenate in the Gilis

This is a no-brainer. If you are looking for some relaxation and away from the crazy tourist crowds in Kuta/Ubud, head to Sanur for a speedboat to the Gilis and spend about two to three nights just relaxing in the Gilis. White sand beaches, aqua blue water with no forms of motorized transport. It doesn’t get any better than the Gilis. The Gilis consist of three islands – Trawangan, Air, and Meno.

We highly recommend Meno for couples who prefer some alone time as the island is calm and serene, and offers some beautiful untouched beaches. If you want to, you can always try some scuba or snorkeling while you are on the island as the aquatic life around the Gilis is stunning.

Head to the mountains in Munduk

If you are looking for an even more offbeat place to visit with thinner crowds, head to the cooler hills of Bali, especially the Munduk region. With not-so-crowded rice terraces and beautiful countryside, Munduk, unlike Ubud, has the rural charm that Ubud had about 20 years back.

There isn’t a particular list of things to do or sights to see, except for the Munduk waterfall, which is precisely what makes Munduk a great addition to this list. Oh, did we mention that Munduk has a ton of beautiful waterfalls to visit? And the best part is you will hardly find any people giving you the falls to yourselves. Munduk is all about strolling down rugged countryside lanes with some scenic vistas and watching the sunset in a make-shift rustic resto-bar, all at your own pace.

Rent a water pool villa in Ubud

Water pool villas in Ubud, are the epitome of the word laidback. Aesthetically designed to incorporate local culture, and architecture, Bali’s water pool villas offer either the luxury of enjoying a private pool villa at an unbelievable price compared to the rest of the world, or the luxury combined with stunning vistas of the rice terraces and the hills around Ubud. For couples especially, we highly recommend experiencing a stay at a private pool villa as it offers the privacy and the luxury of relaxing at a stunning bungalow of your choosing.

Drive around in the Nusa Islands

This may not be as laid back as the rest of the places on the list, but we have featured it as it offers one of the most stunning beaches that are also fortunately less-visited at the moment. The Nusa islands which are about an hour away from Bali, are a group of three islands that feature some of the most Instagrammable locations on Bali, including the famous T-Rex or Kelingking beach. But that being said, while the West Penida circuit offers some great views, it is crowded with a huge surge of tourist influx in the last three to four years, East Penida is still not-so-touristy yet.

East Penida offers one of the best beaches we have ever visited in our lives – the Diamond Beach. It has stunning viewpoints from the top of a cliff that overlooks Atuh Beach and also at the same time is quite accessible to the white sand beach itself. While the journey from the harbor area to the beach is quite long – about an hour, the journey more than makes up for it as the drive is along the coastal road that hugs the island and offers scenic vistas of the ocean on your left.

Swim with the fishes in Menjangan and Pemuteran

While snorkeling and diving aren’t synonymous with a leisure vacation, we have a special place in our hearts for the beaches of Pemuteran. Unlike Kuta or Seminyak, the beaches in Pemuteran were so calm and serene. Frankly, there is no other word for it. Kuta/Seminyak featured rows and rows of restaurants and bars and clubs, while Pemuteran is an idyllic town with a handful of restaurants that offer an amazing variety and quality of food.

It may not have the beaches of Nusa or Gili, but it compensates for the lack of it with a local charm that is not completely Westernized. Again like the Gilis, Pemuteran beaches offer great snorkeling options as the water is crystal clear and the fishes come pretty close to the shore. Also, off the coast of Pemuteran is the Menjangan island which offers one of Bali’s best and less-crowded scuba dives.

So, planning a leisure Bali trip, or a laidback getaway from work and need some help in choosing the right private pool villas, or choosing the best itinerary, feel free to reach out to Pickyourtrail, who specializes in creating curated itineraries for travelers depending on their requirements and style of travel.


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