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Top 5 Reasons Apps Attract More Users than Mobile Web

The world population thinks that the popularity of mobile apps has undermined the usage of websites. However, the actual point is that the improved functionality and better service provided by apps have motivated the users to use them while abandoning the sites in most cases. The apps are significantly crucial for the retail and ecommerce business, while websites have their own importance, which cannot be neglected.

On the other hand, having a mobile app for the business has become necessary in developed countries like the UAE due to increased competition. The companies that are still sticking to their websites and not launching their apps are facing loss. It is significantly lowering their conversion rates, which directly impacts their profits.

This article aims to highlight the reasons that apps attract more users than mobile web.

Top 5 Factors That Secure Higher Conversion Rate of Apps

The modern world is used to handle all their tasks from mobile phones, instead of utilizing a system. They use the web, search content and do shopping through their mobile phones. Not all the websites are mobile-friendly, which compromises their experience and leads to poor conversion rates.

Given below are the important features that secure higher conversion rates of mobile apps compared to the mobile web.

Improved Personalization

The first factor that secures higher conversion rates of mobile apps, compared to websites, is improved personalization. Mobile apps include features like reading the preferences of the users and displaying similar content to them. It not only provides them the most suitable options but also helps in decision making.

On the other hand, websites do not offer advanced level personalization, which can impact the user experience. The businesses that are aware of their responsibility for facilitating their users hire mobile app development Dubai based experts to get a perfectly functional app that keeps their users engaged and satisfied.

Better Communication

One of the most critical factors that ensure a better conversion rate for apps, compared to the mobile web, is better communication. The apps include the features that allow the users to initiate communication, and the business representatives can also do the same.

The peculiar thing in this regard is that the users do not have to provide all the information while chatting, because the apps have stored their data and preferences. Communicating in such a setting is fruitful and short-timed, which ultimately increases the conversion rate.

Ease to Use Mobile Features

While using a website or app, the users can need multiple other features like camera, location, contact list, and storage. Handling all of these while using site may require them to go back and forth, which will only add to their hassle.

On the other hand, mobile apps allow users to utilize other mobile features quite freely. This is one of the most important factors that boost the conversion rates of mobile applications as compared to using web pages through mobile phones.

Offline Access

The users may not have internet access all the time while needing to visit the website for some urgent task. On the other hand, most mobile apps offer basic functionality, even in the absence of an internet connection. They also provide the feature for saving content and recommendations to be used in offline and online modes.

So, offline access is one of the most crucial factors that boost the conversion rate of mobile apps compared to websites. If you also want to benefit from this higher conversion rate, than you should include this feature in your mobile app.

Better UI and UX

Another significant factor that ensures a higher conversion rate of apps than the mobile web is a better user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). The layout, functionality, and other essential features are not the same on the website and apps. It is even more compromised in the case of using the site through mobile.

So, creating a mobile app can significantly spike the conversion rate and boost the ease of use. You can hire the service of Spiral Click, a mobile app development company in Dubai, to ensure that a highly qualified and professional team is working to develop the perfect app for your users. You can also ensure to mention all your requirements and expectations while letting the experts deal with all the hard work required for the work.

Develop mobile apps to ensure better conversion rates!

There are some rules and responsibilities for handling any task in the world. Prioritizing users’ ease is significantly crucial in this regard while not ignoring the success of your service or business. Developing a mobile app will surely boost the business’s conversion rate and improve the experience of users in multiple ways. So, rely on professional support and connect with them to maximize your benefit.


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