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All about vacuum gloves boxes

In a laboratory environment, there are several different elements and substances that one has to work with which can be hazardous and even potentially dangerous. Hence, using the right equipment is very important. Be it a cleanroom or a laboratory or a transportable lab set-up, there are few items that are elemental everywhere. With the COVID pandemic being a constant threat all over the world since the beginning of the year, the layman now has to have a thorough understanding of the different tools and equipment that are being used by the doctors, technicians and the laboratory staffs so that all the procedures are very clear to them. One of the frequently witnessed equipment amidst the pandemic is the vacuum gloves boxes. Many of us have seen laboratory staff collecting samples for testing through a glass box with attached gloves through which they put in their hands. This box is the vacuum gloves boxes. Here we are going to give you a brief idea about what it is and the benefits of using it and also the basics of its maintenance so that you have a clear understanding of why it is being used so much in this specific situation.

What are Vacuum Gloves Boxes?

To put it simply, the vacuum box is made by combining the vacuum chamber and a gloves box together. There are two gloves port attached to a water-tight chamber so that the user can manipulate the actual objects placed beyond it in the main enclosure. A vacuum pump is used for removing the gases from the main chamber and then it is replaced with argan and nitrogen to artificially create an inert atmosphere. The equipment is designed such that researchers in the laboratory can perform experiments and tests which require low pressure and a non-combustible environment. This is where the testing is done in an inert ambiance and usually, the elements tested are not harmful in nature.

How does it work?

The functioning of the vacuum gloves chamber is based on a very simple scientific concept but it is definitely very effective to maintain the accuracy of the tests that are conducted in it. The main accessories used to make the vacuum chamber functional is the vacuum pump.  The pump extracts all the air out of the chamber before it is put to use and also helps in creating an environment that has very low pressure. Furthermore, the pumps is also used for pumping in argan and nitrogen so that any leftover traces of oxygen is replaced. The result is a very stable environment for researchers so that there is no risk of contamination or any accident due to reactive gases.

Use of vacuum gloves box

Semiconductor components and their manufacture and the relevant industry require the use of a vacuum gloves box in particular. It is also used in industries that manufacture lithium batteries, spacecraft engineering, where a simulated vacuum environment is very much necessary. These types of vacuum chambers are made from different materials and the best part is any material that can be used and there is no hard and fast rule regarding that as long as the chosen material is not reactive. Meta is one of the most commonly used materials for the making of such chambers but you will also find vacuum gloves boxes made from glass as well as acrylic. High-density ceramic and similar materials are also used for this purpose. But if you are looking for cost-effective vacuum gloves boxes, the acrylic options are the best. The following are some of the benefits associated with the acrylic vacuum gloves boxes:

  • The acrylic vacuum gloves boxes are at least 50% more lightweight compared to the other options of material that are available for the same purpose.
  • The cost of the acrylic enclosure is nearly half of what you pay for metal or any other material there is. But the quality is not compromised and in many cases, it is very strong as well.
  • The impact resistance of the acrylic material enclosure is at least 4-5 times more than glass which means it will not break easily and different types of experiments that may require a more durable enclosure can be performed easily.
  • Since the acrylic is a transparent material, you can see what is happening e=inside and make better notes and observation as the experiment progresses which is a necessity in many projects.
  • A microfiber cloth and water are more than enough to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the chamber. However, make sure that no ammonia-based product is used for cleaning.

The vacuum gloves boxes are very affordable and durable, especially if you are opting for the acrylic option. They are necessary for a laboratory and industries which are related to experiments and need a simulated ideal environment and should be chosen carefully.


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