Are they not beautiful? The callas lilies are not often considered as the true lilies but are just perfect when it comes to showing the exotic and the sensuous side of the flowers. These plants are just amazing, you can always send flowers to delhi or anywhere your loved ones live. 


These flowers are available in a myriad of colours but they are also the hybrid ones other than that they are mostly available inwhite but you must realise one thing that the care for each and every flower is different and it is in this case as well. 

They have been known to arise from a thickened rhizome, these flowers are known to be around a feet or three feet high, which is perfect if you ever feel like growing them in your house. These flowers are known to compliment the rose as well. So this becomes perfect and comes in handy if you feel like pairing it up with the rose. They are easy to grow. All you have to do is just put them near a place where there is sun. you can always grow them in containers or in the form of the beds. These flowers are just amazing. 


When it comes to plants there is always a perfect time to plant them. The soil should be porous and you must bury them 3-4 inches deep in the soil and then make sure that you plant them after the winters are over. The best time is between March and June for them and they will bloom after eight weeks. These flowers don’t take much. All you have to do is be a little attentive towards their needs and you will have a beautiful garden. 


Now , when it comes to these plants they prefer bright indirect sunlight. You must remember that the bright scorching sun can be a challenge for them so always go for the indirect sunlight rather than putting them in a direct one. The thing with these lilies is that they don’t have any problems growing in indirect light so a brightly lit room and putting these plants near the window will also be helpful. 


Now, when we talk about the watering one thing you must remember is that the plants cannot survive in soggy soil so you need to provide them with the right amount of water which will ensure that they live long enough. This also makes us come to fact that when you are watering them make sure the soil is a little dry before you water them again and the soil is not soggy after you have watered them. The water plays a big role when it comes to the plant. If you have any questions regarding that you can always approach the best florists in bangalore & online flower delivery in ahmedabad as it is always better to consult a professional rather than just choosing something on your own. 


It is always preferred that the rhizome that is going to be plantes should always be bigger in circumference than the other, you can always ak the florists for two bulbs and then put them together whichever you find is bigger you can always go for that one and one thing s that you should always go for the transplant rather than growing these plants from the scratch. 


When they are growing they might need a dose of monthly liquid fertilizer, that is something you can always ask your florists to supply to you and you need to see the lilies you are growing the container as the fertilizer is a necessity for them. 


  • The word “calla” means beautiful in greek. 
  • These plants have a very reasonable price so don’t worry that are not that costly. 
  • You can always grow these plants in late spring as well, only to find them blossoming in the late summers to fall. 
  • These flowers are really popular in weddings. 
  • You can always add these flowers with any bouquet of your choice, their structure is known to complement every flower that is there. 
  • White is the most popular colour when it comes to calla lilies but the  colorful lilies have also originated. 
  • The flower roots are poisonous and the other plant parts should never be ingested by anyone as they are bound to be toxic. So beware if you have pets or children.

The plant is beautiful but just the same way the rose has thorns call lily comes with the poison but that does not mean that you cannot grow it, with proper care you can always maintain this plant in a good shape, so make sure that you are taking necessary precaution and no part of the plant is being eaten and it is always better to wear gloves while touching the plant as well. Happy gardening!


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