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Achieve your Dreams of Starting a company in USA

It is a dream of many people to open their incorporate company in USA.

Consider the economic, political factors that affect the business development. In India, in the conditions of political crisis, it is not necessary to talk about the development of one’s business with optimism. The presence of a huge number of regulatory authorities, high taxation forces small businesses to compete for their markets with large domestic and foreign capital. Negative signs suggest starting a business abroad. Let’s analyze the opening of business on the example of the United States.

The United States of America is a highly developed industrial and agricultural country with a high standard of living and is constantly evolving. The United States has always been a guarantor of human and civil rights and freedoms, a special role has always been given to the opening and conduct of its business. According to statistics, about 50 million US citizens work in private enterprises. Many Americans work in the field of business technology, this field is the best for the United States, it is its core. Starting your own business has always been relevant in the United States.

Why Delaware only?

Delaware is a prosperous, developing and promising state. The state government creates the best conditions for starting a business:

  1. No value-added taxes.
  2. Minimum annual registration fee.
  3. Getting into the statutory fund without investment.
  4. Information about the founders is not subject to public disclosure.
  5. Economic indicators are growing every year.
  6. The founders are citizens of any country, they may well receive permanent residence, and after 5 years and citizenship.
  7. The most promising and profitable legislation.

How to register a company?

Consider the tax scheme in America. It is necessary to find the state with the lowest tax rate. This state is Delaware, where the tax rate is 6.6%. In other subjects, the tax rate is significantly higher. Register a company in USA is not possible without registering a company. If you decide to register your company, you must send an application to the Secretary of State, which must indicate the name of your company, postal address, name of the founder. Specify the amount of authorized capital, it is not taxed. The Nevada company registration service costs $89. After receiving the registration, you must register with the IRS, where you will receive a personal employer identification number. Then a letter confirming registration will be sent to your official address.

You will then need to submit a list of your company’s employees to your state secretary’s office. It will cost all $150. The state duty depends on the size of the authorized capital. The bigger your company, the higher the duty. Depending on what your company will do, you need to acquire the right to a certain type of activity in your state – the annual payment is $215. You draw up the company’s founding documents: founding protocols, charter. All formalities are solved, and you have registered and opened your own company, now it remains to work and make money in the United States!


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