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A Quick Guide For The Maintenance Of Your Purification System

Every household has installed a water purifier service to be able to have clean drinking water. These water purification systems are very user friendly but, at the same time, need to be maintained well to have a longer life. The rate at which your water purifier gets exhausted depends on the quality of water and your frequency of usage. Knowing when your purification system needs a professional to be serviced is essential.

Why Is Maintenance Important?

A Ro system can last for 10-15 years if maintained regularly. The cartridges should be replaced in intervals, and a thorough check of the system should be done to inspect any other problems. Some parts can wear out with time. This can happen due to air and moisture that could react with the fittings, piping, tank, other water filtration system leading to leaks and cracks. This could bring in bacteria and contaminate the drinking water leading to health issues. It is essential to know where you can get reliable Aquaguard services in Chennai to avoid significant problems and get clean water at all times.

Replacing Different Filters

A water purifier system has different filters that purify water at various levels to make the water pure and drinkable. Every filter needs to be changed after a specific time to make it function better. This is the most critical step for the maintenance of your system. A filter acts as a defense system of your purifier and needs to be replaced when worn out. Thus, here is a list of filters in your purification system and when they need to be changed. There are Aquaguard services in Chennai and across the country to make it convenient for you whenever you need their services.

Sediment Filter

A sediment filter is an essential part of the system. It helps clear out the dirt and sediments from the water. It also protects the RO membrane from dirt. If this filter is not changed at the right time, the dirt may reach the membrane and contaminate the water passing through. Thus, it is essential to change this filter once in a year and more frequently if your system’s usage is very high.

Carbon Filter

The carbon filter helps in removing chlorine and other contaminants from the water. It is also responsible for removing foul smells from the water. This filter also plays a vital role and needs to be checked and replaced once a year.

RO Membrane

The membrane of the RO system is porous, and the amount of water you have consumed is the factor that decides when to change it. If your purification system’s usage is higher, you should get it checked in short intervals. This is an essential part of the system and needs to be changed at least once a year.


Leakages can cause severe damage to the system permanently. So, whenever you notice a leakage in your purification system, immediately call for a professional service to repair it so that it does not cause any significant damage to the system.

Why Professionals?

A professional should do these services as it is a complicated process, and every brand has different requirements. A professional service would know precisely how it is done for various brands and make things easier for you. Although all filters look the same, the sizes can vary because of different manufacturers and the technology used can be of different standards. Picking the right filter size is a crucial job, as even a slight difference in the size could ruin the whole system. In such cases, a professional technician would know the brand specifications and instructions. They would be able to find the right parts and do the servicing in less time. You can quickly contact the Aquaguard customer care in Chennai and call for a service, and they would be there in no time.

It is not always possible to remember when you changed your water purification system’s cartridge, so it is necessary to be reminded when you need to do it. The easiest way is to schedule a maintenance service from the place you purchased your Aquagaurd water purifier in Chennai so that they remind you a few days before, and the servicing is done without any hassles.


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