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6 ways to start a successful poetry blog

We get to see many people starting their blog page these days and it is not at all a bad thing. When we are passionate about anything we feel like doing it, talking and writing about it. Most of the people open their blog accounts to enhance their skills and to share their experiences of life in the form of writing.

A person having an interest in art would write blogs about art with their drawings and paintings being included in it. Just like this only the life of a dying poet would be spent writing and posting on their poetry blog.

poetry word cloud on an isolated vintage blackboard

A poetry blog is made by people who are passionate about poetry and want to show their poetry to the world. All that a person can see on a poetry blog are poems. Everyone wants their blog account to be successful and to reach several numbers of an audience and for a poetry blog at times it gets more difficult because if we take a survey as a whole so a very less percentage of the population are found to be poetry lovers in the world of today. So we are here to tell you about the ways that will help you in starting a successful poetry blog.

Do proper research:

I can bet on this thing that not a single person steps in a new thing without gathering information about it. For starting your poetry blog, you should see other poetry blogs to take some ideas. I am not saying to copy their ideas but to just understand how a blog made for poetry works. You should also read instructions regarding how a blog is operated and read all the strategies about running a successful poetry blog.

Choose a unique name:

A poet knows the importance of words and how they impact the minds of people. You should choose a unique name for your blog. People do get attracted by the name and if it is a poetry blog so you should choose a name that is attractive as most of the people reading your blog would-be writers. Just think once that you have all the perfect content that can gather a huge number of audience to your blog but you have chosen a name for your blog that either doesn’t relate to your content or seems quite unattractive. All your efforts will be of no use then.

Blogging Platform:

A blogging platform is a website basically where bloggers can post their blogs. WordPress is a famous one amongst all. This helps them in gaining recognition and making people know about their writing skills.

Any blog that is posted on a blogging platform can be directly shared by people. For example, I saw a blog on any blogging website and liked it, so I would share its link directly to any of my friends and like this only the cycle goes on and on and which eventually helps in gaining recognition. This thing also helps in starting a successful blog as people would know you through the blogs you posted on the blogging site and would engage in your blog too.

Design your blog:

The way you design your blog is another most important thing to make your blog look good and to make it successful in no time. To design your blog, you can also take some ideas from the internet. For designing your poetry blog, you have to select a theme that matches the style of your poetry.

Many people write poetry in which they appreciate nature and you must have noticed flowers and nature-related themes on their blog. Other than the theme you should also decide how your poetry will be presented on your blog. You should surf the internet for a detailed guide about how to design your poetry blog.

Give proper time to your First post:

When your blog page is ready you should then post your first piece of poetry there. You should make sure that the first post on your blog should be error-free and have the best choice of words because of first impressions matter. More than expected time should be taken for the first piece of poetry that you will post on your blog.

Promote it:

The new blog that you have just started will need some sort of promotion. In a world of today promoting anything is very easy for us. You should ask your friends and family to tell you about the blog to their known people. You can send an invitation link to your blog to people and can add other links to your blog posts. Add a share button on each of your posts and should post about your blog on your social media accounts to gather more and more audience. Try reaching out to the writer community.

These are some ways through which you can start your successful poetry blog. I hope it will be helpful for you.



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