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6 Life Hacks for Success in Professional World

6 Life Hacks for Success in Professional World

Everyone will experience a period where they have to manage all aspects of their life. In the business world, campus, to the household needs certain tricks to be able to solve various problems that are often faced in everyday life. This is what is known as life hack.

In professional life, in fact life hack is also very important to be applied for a better life. Especially if we want to achieve the best things in life. Here are some life hacks in professional life:

1. Make a List of Complex Things

In professional life, especially in the world of work, we are often trapped in complicated and complicated matters. Oftentimes, this complicated thing makes us stressed and has difficulty finding solutions.

Why? Because before looking for a solution, usually we have imagined how difficult the condition is. This causes our confidence level to decrease. Worse, we even consider ourselves unable to do the job properly. And finally concluded that we cannot do it and will be subject to sanctions.

The answer is easy. Remove all these bad thoughts from our heads. Don’t think about the impact first. Try to be confident and list down what we have to prepare. From indicating where is the problem and what’s the biggest challenge. Make it in the form of points. And the most important thing is do not hesitate to ask for help.

2. Save Your Important Information in the Cloud

Besides neatly storing your important documents in the cupboard, it’s also time for you to save your important documents in the cloud. Where you can use and access it at any time.

For those of you who are still looking for work, interviews here and there, it would be nice to save important documents that you can access and print whenever you need. There is no reason to fail the interview because you forgot to bring a photocopy of your KTP.

Not only important documents, you can also store a lot of information in the Cloud. Therefore, when you forget to bring your data, you can immediately access it anywhere, anytime. Of course, for this important document, other people may not access it. Then you can set security in the form of a password or password.

3. Use the Financial Management Application

For you career woman or married with a mediocre income that must be shared. Or for those of you who often calculate your money with paper, it’s time to use the application. Many applications out there can help you solve your financial management problems without hassle.

There is a Spendee, one of the life hack apps that can be integrated with your bank account. You can register each of your expenses so that it can be evaluated in the following month. You can find out which spending points you need to lose or reduce to save. You can also plan expenses every month, so you can more easily decide which are priorities and which are not.

Besides Spendee, you can also use My Money which has similar function. You can plan your savings, limit your spending every day, and various other advanced features. It’s smart time to manage finances easily.

4. It’s time for you to set a schedule in the calendar cloud

For those of you who are busy meeting every day, meeting clients at different places and schedules, and having to meet with an appointment with friends. You can start managing all appointments, appointments, meetings and other meetings in Cloud Calender such as Google Calendar, Business Calender, or other calendar applications.

For you who still often keep track of meetings and other meetings in your paper or journal, Cloud Calender can be the best choice for you. No need to worry about forgetting to bring a book or forgetting an appointment you have written.

Cloud Calender can help remind you like an alarm so that there are no appointments, meetings or other meetings that you forget.

5. Don’t Accustomed to Waiting, Begin for Multitasking

In professional life, it is not uncommon for you to be required to be able to do more than one job at a time. When the old task has not yet been completed, you are already inundated with other requests. While one file is still awaiting approval, another file awaits you for immediate work.

In a world like that you are expected to be able to do 2-3 jobs at once. Get used to not waiting for work that still needs confirmation, further review, just doing other work.

It’s time for you to multitask. You need additional assistant applications that can remind you of what your work is about.

6. Avoid unnecessary gossip and conversation

Whatever happens in your work, school, or surroundings, try your best not to talk about unnecessary things including gossiping about the people around you. If you don’t like someone’s performance, talk to the closest friend you can trust to find a solution.

Talking with anyone you like just to make yourself calm is a big mistake. Remember, when you can just tell your problem to other people, it’s also easy for others to tell others again.


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