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5 Ways to Improve Your Die cut Boxes With Innovative Digital Printing

Die cut boxes are used in almost every manufacturing industry. The following five tips will help you to learn how to make them more innovative with digital printing.

The first thing customers notice when they receive your products is the printing of die cut boxes. There is no way around it and is the welcoming element to establish a unique impression on your consumers’ minds. As a retailer, you should also understand its value to improve your product packaging. Let us share 5 ways to improve them with innovative digital printing;

Start with the top lid

When anyone receives the products packed in some pack, the first-ever thing they can see is the top lid of the box. You can start designing the top lid that focuses on this section of the packs. It is a vital part of the unpacking process as the top of the packaging is to give a vibrant display od a packed product.

It can be effectively used to print the most important information, including brand identity. Your brands can elevate the functionality of overall packaging by printing branding materials such as the theme and logo of a trademark to get better results.

Avoid the corners for printing

In designing the printable elements on any custom boxes, you may make use of all the available white space, including the corners, to print different types of information. The wise approach is to never print on extreme corners of a pack. Their creases can fold the actual view of printed items that will not look presentable as well. Many marketers mislead their presentation of packaging by printing a logo of a company in the corner of packaging, which ultimately destroys the esthetics of the style.

There are some important reasons for you to consider to avoid using it. First of all, the consumers expect to see the brand identity on the front or top panel instead of on the sides or corners of a box. In addition to this, the placement of branding elements needs to follow a smooth format, that means placing different elements on all the surface can result in a cluttered appeal.

Follow the accurate typeface

A majority of product manufacturers while designing die cut boxes packaging print important information of companies such as their taglines, contact details, unique selling proportions, etc. directly on the packaging.


Digital printing gives the best results when you use them accurately. When it comes to a perfect item, select a proper typeface in terms of size and style, that look simple to read and understand yet attention-grabbing in their presentations. You can use many modern and hand-written fonts to make any pack appear more interesting and high-end.

Use correct graphics

In the functionality of the designs, the printing in terms of artwork, texts, and graphical illustrations on any cardboard boxes have great importance. Using correct graphics will not only work to enrich the visual appeal of your packaging, but it will effectively help in communicating and delivering useful information to the consumers, such as the brand story of the business as well. Try to make sure that these graphics are going with the nature of the packed product and the overall brand theme to give a sense of association with your trademark.

Wisely select colors

It is always an important feature to design every product box in some alluring graphics and vivid color schemes for capturing the attention of your consumers in a better way. One thing that matters is to wisely select colors that can reflect the branding theme of your business.

You can also choose them by following the needs and demands of your target audience, the current trend of the market, and the branding colors that will always give the best shades of the packaging of your business to get the best results in the market.

Many consumers prefer to die cut boxes wholesale as they are designed in a special form that fits perfectly with a packed product more effectively. In case you are planning to use them to present your product, use our 5 ways as mentioned above to improve their look more spectacularly with the innovative digital printing.


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