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Best 1080p and 4K Projectors in 2020

Best 1080p and 4K Projectors in 2020

A projector is a device designed to capture an image or video from a given source and project it onto a surface thanks to its optics. A good projector must be capable of generating a quality projected image. And although it seems to you an object almost from the past, the fashion of projectors is reviving, not only for educational uses in classes or for talks and conferences, business presentations, etc., but also among film enthusiasts, allowing the projection of films and enjoying them wherever they want.

Now comes summer, and it would not hurt to have a good projector to create our outdoor cinema and enjoy with loved ones. Whatever the reason for acquiring a projector, here we are going to show you a guide to guide you in choosing and a list with some of the best products that you can choose from your favorite.

What can I do with a projector?

With a projector, you can transform a video or image signal source and even slides that come from an external device such as a DVD player, Blu Ray, computer, etc, into a visual projection that will be captured on a suitable surface, normally a special screen or canvas that has a much larger surface area. Besides, it will allow you to modify a large number of characteristics of the outgoing image, adjust the brightness, sharpness, color, etc.

What do I need to know to buy a good projector?

As we have said, it is a device that transforms an incoming source of image or video into a projection. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the type of image sources it supports, that is, the type of connections it allows, so that it is compatible with our computer, multimedia player, camera or any device that we want to use as an image source in each case.

On the other hand, we must also attend to the output, that is, the optics that it uses to transform the input into a projection since the quality of the projected image will depend on it. And of course, between the entrance and the exit, there will be a circuitry and systems that will allow us greater or lesser control of the projections, which will also have to be monitored.

All this without forgetting the quality of the device that we buy, since some brands offer better products than others. Among the best-selling and best-rated brands, we have Sony, Acer, Panasonic, Optoma, BenQ, View Sonic, and Nebula. You could find decided what to choose you a descriptive analysis of the projector on saim deals reviews.


The projectors mainly use various technologies:

LCD projectors: they are the cheapest; they use liquid crystal display technology, similar to televisions. The projector will reflect the video signal with thousands of tiny mirrors inside the projector itself, allowing for greater image clarity and better resolution on the screen on which it is projected.

DLP projectors: it is a more expensive technology, and they are the initials of Digital Light Processing. The image quality is incredible and they use micromirrors to form the image, achieving a fantastic result. Also, unlike an LCD, they can display each primary color at the same time, achieving colors much more faithful to reality. It is the technology used in professional movie theaters.

3LCD projectors: It is an improvement of the traditional LCD, with a much more intense and vibrant exposure of colors, with good brightness values, but it offers a relatively low contrast.

LED and Laser Projectors: There are also other more recent technologies such as LCOS and SXRD, which are very innovative techniques to manage light through the use of LEDs and lasers, offering better image quality and the lamps they project are more durable and save more. Energy than conventional lights used in previous technologies. Conventionally UHR (Ultra High-pressure Remplacement) lamps are used, which are capable of giving about 3000 lumens (ANSI) on average.


The lamps conventional usually have duration of between 3000 and 15,000 hours, although the life varies greatly depending on the mode of use or the use to which it is giving the apparatus. You already know that those with LED or Laser technology usually last longer, although they are not too common at the moment. But apart from the durability of the bulbs used, there is another more important thing that influences the image quality, and it is the luminosity that they are capable of developing.

It is measured in Lumen, the International System unit for measuring luminous flux, and the higher the better. The normal thing is lamps between 2000 and 4000 lumens those that we have analyzed are around those values. The lumens used in the projectors are ANSI, that is, they are governed by this American system and are measured on the projected surface to determine the luminous power that the lamps are capable of developing.

Perhaps for a dark cinema, you can use a projector with less power, but for places where the ambient light is high, the projector must have more light power so that you can see the projected image properly. However, this can be adjusted with various configuration modes; hence the lamps can last longer or shorter.

For a dark room or cinema, 2000 would be great. For a hall of home or office with 3000, and other larger rooms such as exhibitions, events, conferences or open areas, perhaps you should think of intensity of 6000, although they are not very easy to find.


The contrast will also be related to the light conditions of the place where we are playing the video or image since it will determine the maximum difference between the brightness of white and black. When we have a 1000: 1 contrast, the brightest spot will be 1000 times lighter than the dark spot. This is how this parameter is measured. For projectors, it would be appropriate to have at least 5000: 1.


Projection technology is not everything, it also matters the resolution that can be obtained for an image of superior size and quality. Projectors currently use various standard image resolutions: 800 × 600 PX, 1024 × 768 ps, 1920 × 1080 PX, and 1280 × 720 PX, and more recently 4K UHD has appeared, etc. I think it goes without saying that the higher it is, the better the image will be, as more pixels will be projected onto the surface.


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