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Desirable Breast Reduction Process




Breast is the development of structure in the upper body part. It’s is the growth of the tissue in the pectoral muscle, which contains both glandular as well as fatty tissue. These specialized glandular tissues help in milk production.

Mammoplasty surgery: Breast Reduction is done by mammoplasty surgery procedure to reduce the breast size of a person. This process re-establishing the bust into the proportionate women’s body. It is done by viable tissue correction of the nipple for sensitive functioning and lactation capability of the Breast.

Procedural Folds: Breast Reduction Surgery having 3 folds which include physical, aesthetic, and psychological.

  • Physical change- includes the restoration of the bust.
  • Aesthetic change- includes women’s self- image
  • Psychological changes- women’s mental health

Surgical Techniques:  Breast Reduction process includes three different techniques –

  • Pre-Operative matter- In pre-operative matters, women’s body structure is noted in detail with her proper lifestyle. Then women are been instructed how these processes follow and what can be its initial change. Before the surgery, she will be instructed the purpose of such breast reduction surgery, how much rate of correction will she be achieving, what will be the expected final size, shape, and then a contour marking of the reduced breasts is done to show her the expected final result.
  • Operative matter- surgery is been followed initially by cutting off the nipple section, then it’s the lower section with 0.1-0.9 percentage of the specimen of the tissue. It does not incision of a horizontal scar and had no horizontal limb.
  • Post-operative matter- After the surgery is done, the woman is instructed to maintain her normal lifestyle and eat a light diet, women have to wash her operated part in a shower at 1-day; must avoid strenuous physical activities for a while till the doctor prescribes, operated women must wear sports bras, there will be certain restrictions due to the convalescence regimen is for 3-months post-operative. There may be wrinkles at the bottom of her vertical limb of the scars, but that will resolve and fade within 1–6 months.

Surgery Risk and Complication: There can be several complications arising post-operation of breast reduction surgery.

  • Infection may arise
  • There may be loss of breast and nipple feeling
  • Bleeding
  • Blood clots
  • Swelling and bruises
  • Nerves, Blood vessels, some part of the body may get damaged
  • Inadequate healing of nipple area

Visit to your doctor:

  • If an infection arises, which may include redness, tenderness, any unusual swelling of the portion been operated, or if she is having a fever. Immediately visit a doctor.
  • If any unusual discharge like pus may appear from the incision area.
  • Opening of stitches before time

Breast reduction Surgery is nowadays very popular surgery to give desirable shape, size to the breast. Over-sized breast makes the person looks older than her usual age. It becomes an obligation wearing attire and looking gorgeous among a mass of people. Proper shape with suitable attire always gives a strong personality.

Every surgery has been succeeded by postoperative matters. Breast operation is not a solution to define women’s beauty, it is the self-satisfaction.


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