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Reasons to study Business and management at Portsmouth University




Do you see the field of management as the best fit for you? If you want to sharpen your skills in a rich academic environment. You can get your career started with a flying start if you get admission in the Portsmouth University for M.Sc. in Business and Management.

The business and management Master’s course at the university has professional accreditation by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), which is proof enough that he program has been designed to enhance excellence in the field of management.

This article aims to emphasize the reasons you should pursue your Master’s in Business and Management at Portsmouth University.

Reasons students prefer Portsmouth University for business studies

The qualifications required for this degree program include an honors degree with second-class grades, along with a minimum 6.5 band IELTS as proof of English language proficiency. The aspirants who cannot fulfill the language proficiency requirement at the time of admission they can go through a specially designed Pre-sessional program for English language learning.

For understanding the admission procedure and its nuances, get in touch with study abroad consultants in Islamabad to ensure success in making it through. Following are reasons business and management program at Portsmouth University can be the best choice for you:

  • Strong learning support

Learning support is the most important aspect of a study program that needs consideration. Make sure you have much more to look forward to in a program that you apply for than a cognitive assessment mechanism. This course on Business and management will provide you with learning support in academic writing, note-taking, and referencing while you carry out your work.

The university has its own academic skills unit, which helps you sharpen your presentation skills, critical thinking ability, working in groups, time management, and memory and exam techniques.

  • The option of work placement

There are some universities that help their students gain some exposure by providing an opportunity to work in the relevant industry. Under this program, you will have an opportunity to get a short term work placement where you will be able to apply the theoretical learning in the study period.

For this work placement during your study period, you will get complete ono-on-one assistance for the identification of the right niche befitting your career plans. But the work placement identification is one thing that you’ll get help with, whereas getting the position is another, in which university can play very little role.

  • Career planning support

University helps the students enrolled under this program to identify the relevant internships and voluntary work roles and career opportunities to help complement your learning with some practical experience.

The careers and Employability service is initiated by Portsmouth University will help you find a suitable job in the world of Business and management once you complete your course work under this program. This option of assistance in the job search is valid for five years after graduating from university.

  • Multiple teaching methods

Class lectures are mainly the method of teaching in most educational institutions. Not only do the class-lectures get too monotonous, but they also do not suit the learning abilities of some students. For this reason, students should opt for higher studies in universities where they can learn from multiple modes of teaching.

In Portsmouth University, you will get a chance to learn through workshops, seminars as well as one-on-one tutorial sessions. Get the help of study abroad consultants in Islamabad to get admission there as it is one of the best places in Europe to pursue Master’s in the field of Business and Management.

  • Job Readiness Training

As a graduate of Business and Management from Portsmouth University, you will be ready for multiple job positions. The career opportunities suited for learning as a result of this program will include trainee trader, business development consultant, market researcher, or E-marketer. You can even go for jobs related to publicity, sales, and marketing coordinator, financial analysis, or human resource recruitment.

If you are not a job person, you will have an added advantage of being ready for entrepreneurship.  The Portsmouth University’s center for careers and Employability will be your greatest support in this regard.

Want to study at Portsmouth University?

As a business and management study enthusiast, Portsmouth university is a very good destination for your aspirations. Even if the Business and Management title doesn’t exactly fit with your interests and career aspirations, you have some other options for Master’s degrees in the related fields. These are International Business and Management, Innovation management and entrepreneurship, and Business Management.

God opportunites come rarely. If you are inclined towards one of the degree titles at Portsmouth, get in touch with a professional education consultant and start working on your education application as soon as possible. Do your research on the curricula and compare the research areas. In this way, you will be able to narrow your goals down.

Be confident, and stick to your decisions.


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