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Tips for a guaranteed nicer Instagram feed

Instagram is the social media platform and has been for some time. Instagram ease of use and visual appeal have increased the number of users dramatically since its launch. Instagram now has over 700 million active users per month, and that number is only growing.

Facebook, although still a giant, has surely been supplanted by Instagram as the “cool” platform to be active on. Instagram sympathy has attracted celebrities and brands who flock to try to get a piece of the cake. As mentioned earlier, the ease of use that IG offers is one of their most likeable strengths, but it’s amazing how such a simple platform can be misunderstood by so many, even those with huge budgets.

We believe Instagram is the perfect place to showcase your business, as well as a great place to develop a personal brand. We did our research and put together 5 tips on improving Instagram feed.

Instagram feed

Find your style.

Instagram simplified focus on attention-grabbing content allows you to create a professional feed with little effort. Don’t fight it, use what you’re passionate about as an antagonist for a breathtaking feed that will resonate with your audience. @abeautifulmess have found their niche with a feed full of Do It Yourself DIY images that perfectly reflect their brand.

Consistency is crucial.

Whether you want an edgy, minimalist fashion feed or a lively stream of breathtaking travel pictures; make sure you know what you want and stick to it. Over time, maintaining this consistency level will only benefit your social media profile. @missunderground offers a flow of images inspired by the London Underground. Dark, minimal and consistent, and we love it absolutely.

Use filters.

The filters provided by IG allow its users to turn their amateur photos into professional-looking works of art. Filters go hand in hand with the topic, choose a filter that fits your brand and stick to that filter. Some of the crowd’s favorites are Clarendon, Gingham and Valencia. Be careful not to overdo it, keep it authentic, @AdventureOfAUnicorn  has found its niche with stunning images of their world trips with a light red-orange filter over the top.

Outline your color.

Some accounts are based on a color that matches their theme. If you are an “outdoorsy” type, green and blue can suit you. A view finder at sunset? Then maybe red, orange and yellow tones should emulate your feed. A color will help to increase the consistency of the overall theme and really make it stand out. @jannikobenh of follows a beautiful color transition theme that ranges from blue to violet to pink and so on.


If you want to take it to the next level, you might consider trying a grid format. These have been around for some time, but few people strive to follow one. We cannot say how much they show your creativity and put your content on a pedestal. You might want to quote any other picture, or maybe you really want to show off your creative advantage.


It is important to understand that the key to a truly stunning Instagram feed is to make yourself real in your feed. All of these tips complement each other and help curate a feed to be proud of, but if you really want to have a unique Instagram, experiment and find out what works for you. These steps are easy to implement, whether you’re a company, a celebrity, or an average person trying to show your hobbies to the world.

By and by, following a few fierce years, influencer promoting is by all accounts progressively setting up itself in the advertising blend. From organizations to tech stages, a whole environment has grown up around influencer advertising.

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560 million euros in income from influencer showcasing

Consequently, the investigation by the economic specialists Gold media, which was cited only as of late by marketer, shows up very opportune.

To examine the ebb and flow and future improvement of influencer showcasing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH district), the scientists at Gold media assessed internet based life information from in excess of 1,000 influencers and meetings with industry specialists.

As indicated by the examination, influencers are individuals who have in excess of 10,000 devotees for their own on an influencer stage.

In 2017, the income of influencers in the DACH district added up to 560 million euros. Influencer deals could pass the one-billion-euro mark by 2020.

To figure these qualities, Gold media considered both fiscal and non-money related pay. Non-money related wellsprings of income incorporate, for instance, income sharing, partner understandings or the arrangement of items or administrations complimentary.

Instagram Revenue

Instagram is the most significant influencer stage

On the off chance that you investigate the dispersion of deals, you rapidly get a reasonable picture. With 34 percent of deals, Instagram is the most significant influencer stage in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Simply behind it is YouTube, with 31 percent.

Facebook (13 percent) and Snapchat (six percent) are losing the fight for influencers. The two channels are not pertinent for most of computerized feeling creators. As usual, special cases demonstrate the standard for this situation too.


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