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What age can children go swimming alone?




San Diego | What age can children go swimming alone?

Swimming pool contractors San Diego builds swimming pools for private where you can teach your kid swimming as they shouldn’t be going alone for swimming. According to the teaching pool, recommend the under age of a 5-year kid should go with an adult for swimming till the age of 17 years. Unless he should be able to swim, changing area or swimming pool area with the supervision of some adult.

  1. Swimming ability of the kid

If you want to let your young kid go swimming alone while he is at the age of 17, you should know several things like does he know swimming? Does he know proper floating techniques? Does he feel confident and swim underwater and move from deep to shallow? These things are necessary to know before allowing him to go swimming.

  1. Child’s maturity

Some kids are mature and learn fast, so their parents leave them home alone earlier than other people. As a child listens to them and other authority figures most of the time, so does it in school well. If your kid is quite responsible and can follow pool rules and focus on water safety, so it’s no worry to let them swim alone.

  1. Type of water

Keep in the notice that all type of water is not the same as hotel pools are different than natural bodies which have slippery rocks, unexpected drop-offs, and sea animals can cause dangers.

  1. Facility rules of the pool

However, the age of the kid should be legal to swim; you should check the facility as some needed adult supervision. Or if they facilitate with lifeguard, then no issue.

  1. Number of swimmers

It can be riskier when the pool is filled with more children as the kid can be distracted, roughhousing, accidents, and even slipping underwater is possible.

  1. Using a buddy system

It is recommended not to leave your kid alone while swimming in the pool; always use the buddy system in the water, so if in case of emergency, it’s a good idea to call someone or 911.


Whatever your kid’s age is, he should not be left alone in the pool, as water can be dangerous to anyone. San Diego Pools companies hazard kid’s swimming should be under the supervision of some adult until he is skillful swimmer and able to swim. Make it safe to let your kid swim in the pool, not alone but with some friend or if a lifeguard is present there. Some places have restrictions on the child’s age and illegal to swim under the prospected age.


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