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10 Best Places To Visit In Turkey- Turkey Tour Guide




10 Best Places To Visit In Turkey- Turkey Tour Guide

Turkey has been a gateway of Europe and Asia for hundreds of years. It’s the point where West meets East in rich amalgamation of culture and culinary landscape. While the default destination in Turkey is considered Istanbul, however, there are some breathtaking places in Turkey that you need to watch out. Let’s explore them one by one

Visit In Turkey

1. Konya

Konya is one of the ancient cities in the world, best known for Spinning Dervish and Seljuk Architecture. It flourished as the capital city in 12th and 13th centuries under Seljuk Dynasty. To this day, you can witness remnants of Seljuk Palace and Alaeddin Mosque. Konya has been the home of the most famous sufi and persian theologian, Rumi. His followers founded Mevlevi Order, also known as Whirling Dervishes. The dervish spins around wearing white gowns to celebrate religious rituals.

2. Mardin

Mardin is the best place to visit in Turkey. Mardin is located in Southeastern Turkey, overseeing plains of Mesopotamia. It’s the oldest settlement in the area, covering sandstone buildings and known for its rich cultural diversity. You can get a good tour of the old city by walking instead of car. There are mazes of streets leading you to terraced homes and popular monasteries like Dyeru-z-Zafaran and observatory like Sultan Isa Medresesi.

3. Ankara

Ankara is the capital city of Turkey. It’s a modern city that is home to commercial businesses, government buildings, foreign embassies and universities. Located in Anatolia region –that is the center of the country– Ankara is a central hub for transportation, connecting travelers to major destinations in Turkey. The scenic city also offers lively arts and museums, such as Museum of Anatolian Civilizations

4. Marmaris

Maramis is Turkey’s most famous seaside resort. It’s the home to turquoise waters, sandy white beaches, pine-clad mountains and historical buildings. Known as traveller’s paradise, this exceptional cruise port is full of exciting opportunities like buzzing nightlife, water sports and exquisite dinning. Many boating trips take tourists from Marmaris to destinations like Cleopatra Island, Pamukkale, Ephesus and Dalyan. It is the best place to travel in summer.

5. Antalya

Located along Mediterranean coastline of stunning Turkish Riviera, Antalya is a vivacious city greeting travellers from all parts of the world. It is a home to splendid beaches, green hills and ancient ruins. Antalya has something in store for everyone; whether you want mountain climbing, sailing, swimming, or just sightseeing. A stroll around the old quarter, Kaleici, offers city’s fabulous past of Roman gates, maze-streets and historical structures like Clock Tower.

6. Bodrum

Bodrum housed Mausoleum, which used to be one of 7 wonders of the world. It is located in south Aegean area of Turkey. Today, its stunning beaches, cliff-top resorts and intriguing ruins pull people from all over the globe. You can’t afford to miss out on seeing Castle of St. Peter, also called Bodrum Castle. It was built in 1402 by Knights Hospitaller. Now a day, it operates as a museum.  On east side of Bodrum, visitors will find exquisite beaches overseeing vivid blue water. On the other hand, you will find lots of shopping centers, restaurants and marina.

7. Ephesus

Ephesus is located in Aegan Turkey. In 1st century BC, it was the largest city in Roman Empire. The ruins of historical buildings and monuments are well conserved, making it Turkey’s most famous tourist attractions. To name a few allures, Ephesus has Celsus Library, Temple of Hadrian and Massive Theater.

8. Cappadocia

Cappadocia is well known for its fairytale scenery that resembles pinnacles, cones and chimneys. Prehistoric volcanic eruptions and soil erosion has carved these unusual formations over the centuries. Humans added its personal touch to the breathtaking landscape, by molding underground cities from the lax rock. Hittites made underground tunnels for keeping safe from the invasions of Persians and Greeks. Later on, Christians used the caves and tunnels for their refuge. Today, some of the tunnels and caves act as hotels for the visitors.

9. Istanbul

Istanbul has the prestige of serving, as a capital of both Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. It is the biggest city of Turkey and one of the biggest in the world. Asia and Europe are connected by the narrow strait of Instanbul, making it a city bridging two continents. Historical sites, impressive architecture, exotic atmosphere, shopping, dining, and night life all make Istanbul one of the best places to visit in Turkey. Impressive historic sites include, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia

10. Side

In 4th Century BC, Side was occupied by Alexander the Great, a key port in prehistoric Pamphylia. Today, Side is scenic town of modern day resorts and classical ruins overseeing sandy white beaches. It offers brilliant nightlife, dining, and sightseeing. Its major attractions include Roman ruins, archaic Hellenistic and Colossal amphitheater.  Containing gorgeous gardens and slim streets the pleasant town of Side offers upscale dining and restaurants of diverse cuisines.


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